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What happens on a retreat?

Jennie Bayliss Life Coach HealerEveryone's personal retreat will be a unique experience for them—and for that matter for me too. For some people their retreat is a an emotional journey letting go of baggage they have been carrying around—often for years. I see these healing journeys akin to taking a journey on a river. There are great depths, fast flowing shallows and occasionally rapids and whirl-pools. As an experienced 'river guide' who has travelled many rivers, I know where and when you need to slow down, go deep or avoid. As a professional healer and life coach, my role is to guide you and ensure you have a safe passage along your river.

For other people their personal retreat is far more practical. It's about stepping off their busy, frenetic world. It's about having time to breathe, reawaken in a slower, quieter world so you can see the wood for the trees. It's about creating a plan to get you to where you want to go next. My role then is more as a life coach—but this often includes some healing too.

I don't have a set formula as to how best to help you, rather I will allow my intuition to guide me as to which approach and which tools will help you the most. Usually your personal retreat will include some Life Coaching and/or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). If appropriate it may also include Emotional / Empathic Healing, a process I call Forgiveness Circles and possibly Life Skills Teachings.

Sky RoomDuring your personal retreat we will spend much of our time in this room – the Sky Room on the 4th floor of the house. There are amazing views from the sky room over Chesil Beach.

view Chesil stormyview Chesil sunnyWhen is the best time to come on a personal retreat?
For most people the time to come is when you need to come. These photos are views of Chesil Beach in Winter and Summer. When the sun shines down here, Portland is truly beautiful, but then the sea is wild and the wind blows there is a raw energy that touches your soul too.

The house is open all year round apart from mid December to around the 10th January. Please check my online calendar to see what dates are available.


Benefits of taking
a personal retreat…

To be listened to. To be heard. Although a Personal Retreat offers much more than this, being really listened to is sadly a rare thing. I will listen to you—really listen.

Our world and our lives are runing so fast. We no longer have time for real conversations. Instead we communicate through technolggy. We tweet 140 characters out to the world. We txt spk on our phones as if we no longer no how to speak properly. Our social 'face' is edited. Don't get me wrong, I' love technology too—but it's replacing real conversations and real friendships. Real life isn't controled, edited or glossy. We need to be able to speak about the truth of our lives. I offer you this space to be heard.

"It's time to find the REAL you once more"

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