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Couples Retreats: Resolving Difficulties

Is your marriage in difficulties? Is life with your partner currently unhappy and unfulfilling? Coming to one of my UK Couples Retreats may be able to help you heal, resolve and rebuild your marriage / relationship. Retreats are indiivual—that is you will be the only couple here. It is possible to rekindle the love and reignite the passion you once shared with each other.

Relationships often get into difficulties when either one or both of you are feeling unhappy, unheard or lost. Poor communication, a lack of time for each other and sometimes simply the demands of living in the fast paced life that is considered 'normal' in the 21st Century are frequent at the root of this. Unhappiness within your relationship can lead to destructive rows, point-scoring and sometimes an affair.

As a relationship coach, my role is to help couples forgive each other for not loving or behaving the way you wanted them to love you. To help you rekindle your relationship. To help mend broken hearts and rebuild the trust, love and passion you once had.

Sometimes, a couple know they have reached the point of no return and so then my role is to help you separate with dignity and, if children are involved, how to ensure your children still feel loved, secure and not torn apart by the changes.

How can coming to couples retreat help us?

Coming on a couples retreat allows you to take time-out from home: it's amazing how much clearer things look when you are not enmeshed in everyday life. There is time to heal and let go of the pain you are both holding. I will help you forgive one another (and please note that forgiving is not about condoning a certain behaviour; it means forgiving your partner for being human with faults and flaws as well as the many wonderful traits they have) and teach you new communication skills.

Unhappy couple in need of a couples retreat.If an affair has been revealed, please don't think this has to be the end of your relationship. Yes, it is a sign that something is seriously awry, but when a couple can face it together, work on their relationship with understanding and love, then not only can you rekindle the love you once shared, but your relationship can become even closer than it was before.

What happens at couples retreats?

Every relationship is different—and so as a relationship coach I tailor the your retreat according to your needs using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Life Coaching and occasionally some other healing techniques such as forgiveness circles. I am very intuitive and allow my gift to guide me as to which ways will help you both the most.

Before you come it is often useful (but not obligatory) to write to me individually to outline your view point. I then begin our journey together by talking to you and listening so as to get a clear picture of what is going on for you both. On Day 2, I will have individual sessions with you. Then on the last day of your retreat I will help plan how to continue your progress when you go back home.

Example of a Couple Retreat: 2 nights/8 sessions

Day 1
Arrive lunchtime
2–4 pm Double session Life Coaching and EFT together

Day 2
7 am Optional early morning walk
10—12 Double session Life Coaching/EFT with one partner
2—4 pm Double session Life Coaching/EFT with the other partner
5:30 pm Optional 30 minute guided meditation*

Day 3
7 am Optional early morning walk
10—12 Double session Life Coaching/EFT together
Leave at lunchtime.


Can we book 2 rooms?

If your relationship has deteriorated or you would feel comfortable by having your own rooms, then I can provide this too. The cost to book the Glade Room as well as the Meadow Room is an additional £35 per night.

How to book?

Click to see my online calendar to see which dates are available. However, please or call me on 01305 821799 or email me to double check your dates before paying your deposit.

To reserve your dates, I ask for a non-returnable deposit of £95 which is payable online. On receipt of your deposit, I will email you a schedule plus all the details you need to know about to how to get here, what to bring and your presonalised schedule.

Payment of the balance is due 3-weeks before you arrive.

Couples Retreats

Couples retreats can improve your marriage or relationship.

Difficulties in a relationship can usually be healed and you can become even closer than before. It takes time to rebuild trust and to reconnect to one another again, but YES you can do it – and I will be honoured to help you rekindle your love.

Sometimes you know your relationship is already over, but you don't want for a hurtful separation or a painful divorce – especially if you have children. My role is then to find a way forward with dignity.

The Jasmine House is peaceful and Portland's rugged, raw beauty is very healing too.

If you have any queries, call me – 01305 821799 or please email me.


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