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Emotional Healing : Empathic Healing

The emotional healing I offer as part of your personal retreat is a combination of visulaisation and taking an inner journey. This emotional healing allows you to release old, trapped emotions. I am an empathic healer which means I feel your emotions (in a sacred space within me so they don't hurt me) which allows me to reflect back what I feel and see about your hurt. In this way you can see things more clearly and are able to let go of old painful memories and emotions—your emotional baggage.

How does Emotional Healing work?

I use several different techniques. One process is to take you on a journey inside of your body to locate where looks or feels unhealthy and/or in pain. It is an intuitive process where in your minds eye, along with your own 'guide', you travel inside your own body. Metaphorically we all walk together to see what is going on and see what needs to change, heal and/or be released. Quite often it involves forgiving someone for things that they did that were less than honourable. Forgiving someone does NOT mean condoning what they did to you: it means seeing them as a human being who was not able (for whatever reason) able to behave in the way they should have done.

Another way to use emotional healing is to revisit a memory on the past and to 'watch' it in your mind's eye as if viewing a movie from your past. This allows you to 'see' what you didn't notice back then. This is a very powerful healing technique. As an Empathic Healer – I will help you stay safe even when revisiting painful memories.

What can Emotional Healing help with?

Emotional Healing can help people who need to forgive those who have betrayed, hurt, abandoned or neglected them in the past. This could be from childhood for example abuse, neglect or abandonment. Or it may be more recent for example a messy divorce or sudden bereavement. This form of healing allows people to 'speak' their truth and finally release the person from the dungeon of their soul.

Emotional Healing is frequently accompanied by tears as the old trapped emotions come up and demand to be heard. As an Empathic Healer, role is to provide a safe and sacred space whilst you release these emotions. Tears are not a sign of weakness: they are simply part of the 'letting go' process. As well as sadness, anger, fear, grief, loss and hurt often need to be released.

This form of healing is not something to be entered into lightly. Immediately afterwards, you may feel spaced out and exhausted. This is normal. The next day you will feel much better, lighter and more at peace.

Most of my emotional healing techniques use visualisation. Approximately 80% of people are visual orientated. The remaining 20% are either more kinaesthetic or auditory biased. If you are not natural visualiser, please don't worry: I have many different tools, methods and skills to help you let go of your emotional baggage – in particular EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


Emotional Healing with Jennie

Jennie Bayliss Life Coach Emotional Healer

Emotional Healing / Empathic Healing is a powerful way to let go of old emotions. Although the event that still triggers emotional pain may have been years, or even decades ago, it's still stored in your body. Emotional healing allows you to relaease it. After emotionally healing you will noticeably feel lighter—literally lifted from the burden of carrying this emotional pain.

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"Doing deep emotional healing whilst on
a Personal Retreat will help you finally let go of your pain"

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