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Jennie Bayliss Life Coach HealerWhen people come on a retreat to The Jasmine House they are often weighed down with their troubles. My aim to help people relax, release and let go of their emotional baggage. When they do, they feel lighter, better and happier. These are some kind words just a few people who have taken a Personal Retreat at The Jasmine House:

I first visited Jennie at Jasmine House whilst still dealing with an emotionally destructive relationship that had ended. I struggling to come to terms with some of the issues and loss. Jennie's empathic insights into my emotional state and no nonsense, light hearted approach to tapping helped me reach a calm state. I have been able to attract a better man into my life and feel safe to fall in love again. I have returned twice with other people (male and female) and felt the growing benefit of deeper insight and more tapping. Jasmine house is in a beautiful place. The calming environment in the Sky Room has lasting effect for me. Be open minded, give it a go....sure you'll shed a tear or two but you'll leave feeling closer to peace of heart and mind. Heidi Guy, Herts

Four days of "me" time. that is exactly who I discovered—me! I have cried and I have laughed out loud. Jennie joined up the dots to help me see the full picture. The picture was not what I expected to see – but Jennie helped me understand that, that too was OK. Denise Ryan, Essex

Jennie has a gift for what she does. She can help you lift your head above the choppy emotional waters of life and see the sandy beach ahead, giving you confidence in yourself to grasp the life you want through being a reassuring, friendly and intuitive guidance counsellor. Her house is a restful, home from home retreat where you can quite literally allow yourself to fall apart while Jennie gently helps you put yourself back together – what was it they said about Humpty Dumpty? Obviously, all the Kings Men should have come to the Jasmine House!! I would highly recommend it. If you get as far as looking for someone like Jennie, then look no further! Mel Latham, Gloucestershire

The gift of being listened to…

To be listened to. To be heard. Although a Personal Retreat offers much more than this, being really listened to is sadly a rare thing. I will listen to you—really listen.

Our world and our lives are running so fast. We no longer have time for real conversations. Instead we communicate through technolggy. We tweet 140 characters out to the world. We txt spk on our mobiles because its faster. Our social 'face' and posts are carefully edited. Don't get me wrong, I' love technology too—but it's replacing real conversations, friendships and life. Real life isn't controled, edited or glossy. We need to be able to speak about the truth of our messy lives. I offer you space to be heard.

"It's time to find the REAL you once more"

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