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What is healing?

During your stay at The Jasmine House I will use whichever methods and techniques I sense will best suit you. I don't have a set way, nor do I use only one tool. Undoubtedly there will be an element of healing during your personal retreat, but what 'recipe' that will be, I won't know until I meet you. It may include EFT, Emotional Healing Forgiveness Circles, as well as Life Coaching.

What is Healing?

People are often confused about the term "healing". So let me share with you my beliefs and how I work as a healer.

Healing describes a whole host of different experiences that leave people feeling 'better'. Most people describe it as feeling lighter or happier. Although this sounds vague, it's more about not having words that suitably describe the feelings that people feel after the healing has taken place. Everyone who goes through a deep healing session feels these feelings of 'better' at a very deep level.

Healing is also about knowing who you are: who you really are. Learning to see yourself through new eyes, accepting who you are and being able to let go of your mask.

I am a empathic healer – but this does NOT mean I have mystical powers! I am empathic, which means I feel the emotions of others. I am also highly intuitive so I often can sense what is going on beneath the surface. Although these are great gifts—everyone has these abilities. All children are born intuitive: it's how they make sense of the world. Around school age, children are taught to ignore their intuition as they are taught to prove and logically explain their reasons and solutions. In this way although we all still get intuitive messages, they are largely ignored.

Using my intuitive and empathic gifts I am able to feel / sense / see where your unease lies and help you tap into your own wisdom. For truly you have the vast majority of your own answers. Using appropriate methods or tools I help you see, feel and then let go and then the body and your mind can heal itself.

Although intuition, empathic abilities and energetic healing is often difficult to prove scientifically, Quantum Physics is beginning to provide proof of what has been 'known' by ancient healers as far back as 5,000 years. Below is a list of just a few of medically/scientifically trained authors that I admire who help explain the science behind emotional and energy healing:

Biology of Belief by Prof. Bruce Lipton
Molecules of Emotion by Candace B. Pert PhD
Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century by Richard Gerber MD
Healing without Freud or Prozac by Dr David Servan-Schreiber

Healing Overview

Jennie Bayliss Emotional Healer

I trained to become a Life Coach with one of the world's top coach training organisations, CoachU, who are based in the USA. I began my training at the beginning of 2003 and I qualified as a CTP Coach at the end 2005.

I believe in the concept of continuous learning. So in the last 7 years I have trained or attended courses in: EFT (AMMET), Masterful Intuition, Accelerated Enlightenment, Journey Therapy, and Healing using Intuition. I've also attended many workshops including those hosted by Bruce Lipton, Carolyn Myss, Byron Katie and Mike Dooley.

More about Jennie Bayliss

If you have any queries, do call me: 01305 821799. or email me.


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