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EFT—Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a powerful healing tool that combines the ancient wisdom of meridian energy—as used in acupuncture—with modern psychology. EFT can help you let go of painful memories, release emotional baggage and allow you to begin to see things in a different, more positive light. EFT can also be used on physical pain as well as subconscious behaviour patterns.

I am aware that if you haven’t experienced EFT you might be sceptical that EFT could do all of this. If I tell you it is incredibly easy to do and learn to do for yourself, then you might wonder if this is hocus-pocus. But if you did, you would be wrong. EFT is being used by complementary therapists and is increasingly recognised by traditional medical practitioners too. Last year an EFT summit was held via the internet and 5000,000 people attended. On YouTube, you can find thousands of videos of therapists teaching EFT. But better still are the many thousands of people who have changed their lives using EFT.

How does EFT work?

EFT involves tapping on meridian points whilst stating the truth of what you feeling – even if the rational part of you says you should not feel like this. Admitting, acknowledging and accepting the feelings without judgement is a big part of EFT.

The tapping sequence that begins on the side of the hand, followed by specific points on the face and upper body. The tapping sequences combined with the words are known as recipes.

EFT can be used to help process emotions that are heavy, blocked and genreally getting in the way of happiness. I use different EFT recipes according to what needs to change. I am big fan of Nick Ortner of Tapping Solutions who has much to promote EFT. Click here to watch a quick demonstration on YouTube by Nick Ortner as this is a great demonstration how you work through the myriad of emotions that come up during EFT and how they are, one-by-one released.

Usually, my way is to weave EFT and Life Coaching together as this is a powerful way to help you both release what is trapped within and to gain a new perspective on both what has happened to you in the past and show you new choices for moving forward.


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I first visited Jennie at The Jasmine House whilst still dealing with an emotionally destructive relationship that had ended. I struggling to come to terms with some of the issues and loss. Jennie’s empathic insights into my emotional state and no nonsense, light hearted approach to tapping helped me reach a calm state. I have been able to attract a better man into my life and feel safe to fall in love again. I have returned twice to The Jasmine House, with other people (male and female) and felt the growing benefit of deeper insight and more tapping. The Jasmine house is in a beautiful place. The calming environment in the Sky Room has lasting effect for me. Be open minded, give it a go….sure you’ll shed a tear or two but you’ll leave feeling closer to peace of heart and mind.
Heidi Guy, Herts

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