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What is Emotional Healing?

Emotional healing helps you to understand, process and release emotions that are causing anguish, pain and hurt. As an emotional healer, I intuit which healing therapies, tools and techniques will help the most. The principal ones I use are; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Life Coaching, and Empathic Healing.

Emotional Healing can help with the following difficulties:

  • Unhealed childhood traumas.
  • Painful relationship breakups
  • The aftermath of a messy divorce
  • Hurt felt from the actions of others
  • Trauma after accidents
  • Breavement

Emotional Healing – riding the emotional river

Our emotions arise naturally to give us a message about what is going on in our life. Emotions are supposed to flow in and out of our psyche, but challenging emotions can often become stuck inside. Without flow, our emotions weigh us down. Life loses its sparkle, and it feels like we are walking through treacle. Friends and family see our struggle, but often don’t know how to help. We also do our best to hide our feelings, because we feel we can’t put our stuff on their shoulders. And that just exacerbates our emotional turmoil.

As an Emotional Healer, I see that our emotions flow like a river and my role is to be your river guide. During your retreat, we will travel together down the river of your emotions. I will make sure we avoid the whirlpools and chart a safe passage through any rapids. All the time, I will ensure you feel safe. Along the journey, tears may arise, but know they are not a sign of weakness: they are simply part of the letting-go process. At the end of your retreat, you will be safe on the bank of your river and you will have a plan to move forward. Going home, you will feel lighter and better.

Guests come to The Jasmine House with their unique stories. Sadness, anger and anxiety are usually part of what they are trying to deal with. Shame, jealousy and hatred are common too. Unhealed emotions are overwhelming and paralyzing. To move on, we have to work through the emotions to come through to the other side. In this way, working with sadness brings back joy. Resolving anger restores self-esteem, and processing anxiety brings inner calm.

Healing Methods and Techniques

All retreats are tailored to my guests needs which I intuitively sense when working with them. For some people, the healing process will be more practical, down-to-earth and lean heavily on the side of Life Coaching. While for others, the healing will be more intuitive and perhaps even spiritual using mostly EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). For people on a longer retreat, I may use Empathic Healing (a visual journey to help make the inner child feel safe) and/or Movie Therapy if the trauma has a specific incident that needs healing. I also have a myriad of different tools and techniques that I use where needed including my training in Naturopathic Nutrition.

For Couples Retreats, as well as Life Coaching and EFT, I teach Life Meetings to improve communication. I may also take a couple through a Forgiveness Ceremony.

Since 2009, hundreds of people have visited The Jasmine House. They have come from all over the UK, and as far away as Bermuda, Iceland, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Kazakhstan.

If you are struggling with your emotions, I would be honoured to help you feel better. I am always happy to talk about how I might be able to help you too. Call me on 01305 821799. Or email me. Or use the chat/message at the bottom of this page.

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Emotional Healing

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I have been lost, sad, angry and not wanting to live my life this way! You have guided me to a brighter place within a few days in your kind and caring home—thank you! I now feel ready to find my life again and without your help, this journey would never have started. You have helped me understand a lot about my problems and given me a bright light to follow. I’m forever grateful. Jane Gemmell, Leicestershire

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