Healing a broken heart—to help you let go of your pain

What do you do when the love of your life leaves you? Or did you walk away—perhaps finally realising that it was never going to work? Broken heart retreats help you let go of pain, heartache, hurt and loss so you can move on once more.

  • Broken Heart Retreats
  • Broken Heart Retreats…
    Life Coaching And Emotional Healing to mend your broken heart

    Why did it have to happen like this? There are so many memories, reminders and triggers. Aghhh—it is so hard to get over this!

    And yet you know you need to. Coming on a Healing A Broken Heart Retreat gives you time out from your everyday life, allowing you to rebalance yourself, pick-up the pieces and heal. Your relationship with your ex was unique to you and so the Life Coaching and Emotional Healing I offer is tailored to your unique needs too.

    Whilst you are here, I will spend a lot of time with you. We will talk it through and I will help you understand some of the ‘why’s’ as well as show you the bigger picture. I will help you to release your anger, sadness, rawness and the tangle of emotions you experience when a relationship doesn’t have a happy ever after. In time, there can be—will be—someone new.

    I’ll also work with you to put a plan in place so you can learn to love yourself once more, continue healing so in time you will be ready to meet someone new.

    As with all of my retreats, no-one else will be here but so, so all of the time and space is dedicated to you.

    Call me in confidence on 01305 821799 or email me

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After a break-up, it can feel like the end of the world…
Take time to grieve, yet also discover how to let go of your pain

Talking to someone who is not emotionally involved with what has happened helps, especially if you have talked AND talked to friends and family to the point you feel that you simply can’t go through it with them again. I will help you do some deep healing to help you release emotions (using EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) and use Life Coaching techniques to give you a better understanding of what happened and why. Then it maybe time to forgive yourself and them for it not working out.

We will also look at what you can learn from what happened, for in every relationship there is a great opportunity to learn about yourself. I want for you to gain clarity and regain some of your inner peace, so that when it’s time to go home, you will feel better, lighter and moving towards happiness once more. Healing heartache is never instant, yet coming on a Broken Heart Retreat helps quicken the process—more than would happen under your own steam.


Broken Heart Retreats

What happens on a broken heart retreat?
Take a look at what happens on a typical retreat

You are unique and every break-up is different. As a relationship coach, I will tailor your retreat according to your needs using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Life Coaching and occasionally other healing techniques such as forgiveness circles. I am very intuitive and allow my gift to guide me as to which ways will help you the most.

I also am a great believer in the healing power of nature, so I will encourage you to join me on the early morning walks along the beach, or to the cliff tops on Portland. Please also see What happens on a Retreat?

Healing A Broken Heart Retreats are operated on same basis as the Personal Retreats. You can choose to come for 2, 3 or 4 nights with 6, 8 or 10 sessions with me. Each session is for 55 minutes and these are usually taken as double sessions.

A typical broken heart retreat with 3-nights plus 10 sessions

Day 1

Arrive lunchtime
2 pm A double (2 hour) session with Life Coaching, EFT or Emotional Healing

Day 2 & 3

7 am Optional early morning walk
10–12 Double session – with therapies according to your needs
2—4 pm Double session
On 3rd Day* there is an optional meditation session at 5.30 pm

Day 4

7 am Optional early morning walk
Leave after breakfast.

* Please note: If your ‘Day 3’ is a Friday, then meditation will be offered on your first or second evening.


Nights Sessions Cost
2 8 £870
2 10 £1,050
3 8 £945
3 10 £1,120
3 12 £1,250
4 12 £1,320


  • Check my availability calendar to see if your dates are free.
  • Email me or call for a chat on 01305 821799
  • Pay the deposit
  • On receipt of your deposit, I will email to you a confirmation along with everything you need to know in preparation for your retreat.

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Double hearts.I came here with a totally different intention, but I truly believe this was meant to be—divine timing. I leave here feeling considerably lighter and ready to begin the next part of my journey. Thank you for guiding and supporting me to let go of so much pain from my past. Emma, Surrey

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