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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, in its simplest definition, is a technique to help people improve their life. Like counselling, it begins with listening—really listening to what is being said and also ‘hearing’ the nuances in the tone of voice, the speed at which things are said, and the emphasis of certain words. From this, I can reflect back to clients what I have heard, so a bigger picture of what is going on is seen. Life coaching shares some similarities with counselling, but on the whole, it is more proactive and asks people to look at and do things in a new way. This is particularly useful for people stuck in a rut.

Life Coaching, where appropriate, also involves teaching new life skills. Over the last 12 years, I have developed a technique called Truth Talking which is especially useful for couples who are experiencing a communications breakdown. I have dozens of different tools, techniques and methods to help people change things for the better. Life Coaching helps you to grow into your full potential.

Whilst you are here on a personal retreat, I will coach you in the way that, intuitively, feels the best approach to help you the most. If I sense you are a down-to-earth person, then my approach will be practical. If I sense you are happiest with metaphor, then my life coaching style will include stories to help you see what’s going on for you in a more abstract way. Or if I sense you are a spiritual soul, then again, I will shift into working on this level. I am blessed to be able to step quickly and easily between different worlds. These different approaches, by the way, are never pre-determined; rather I am guided by my intuition. And of course, my life coaching sometimes works on different levels at the same time.

My style of life coaching is caring, cheerful but also challenging. I want for you to grow, to look at whatever you are dealing with new eyes. Part of life coaching is to take you out of your comfort zone so you can do this – but I will be with you every step of the way. My deepest desire is to help you be healthier, happier and more successful in all areas of your life.

Life Coaching

Double hearts.
Jennie, your depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and expertise always amaze me, but it is your honesty, faith and willingness to go with the person, your patience and your supportiveness that makes you special—and gets the results. Thank you for moving me along my journey to a new and more ‘at peace with myself’ place. Watch this space! Lynda, Bournemouth

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