Personal Retreats: Deep healing to untangle life’s knots

On a one-to-one, personal retreat, you have time to look at, understand, heal and let go of the things causing you distress. After a few days here, with the help of Life Coaching and Emotional Healing, leave here feeling better, lighter and happier.

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  • One-to-One Personal Retreats
    How Life Coaching And Emotional Healing Can Help You

    One-to-One, Personal Retreats help you heal from life’s painful events.

    My role is to help you find clarity on what has happened to you, answer some of the ‘why’s’, help you let release any heavy emotions that are weighing you down. When appropriate, I also teach new life skills and provide advice on health and life strategies.

    I help people with all kinds of life issues including (but not
    exclusively) the following:

    • Stress, worry and/or anxiety about your life or work
    • Prolonged grief after the loss of a loved one
    • Relationship heartache. See my Broken Heart Retreats
    • Hurt, harm and abuse from childhood
    • How to love yourself and how to look after your mind and body
    • Feeling lost in life
    • Time to re-examine who you are and where to go

    Call me in confidence on 01305 821799 or email me

    The Jasmine House is still open duing the Coronavirus epidemic.
    See FAQ for more info.

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Stay For 2, 3 Or 4 Nights With 8—12 Hours Of Deep Healing
Making Sure Your retreat Meets Your Needs

What happened to you, how you dealt with it then and now, is uniquely your
story. How you heal, will also be personal and so I offer different lengths of
time and number of sessions with me, to match your emotional needs
and also the practicalities of life such as time off work and child-care.

No matter how long you choose to stay, know that all of my retreats work at
a deep level and are designed to help you make significant changes. The
most popular of my retreats is 3-nights with 10 sessions, but choose what is
right for you and I will be delighted to welcome you to The Jasmine House.

I use a variety of different healing modities including: Life Coaching, EFT
(Emotional Freedom Technique) and Emotional Healing. When appropriate, I also weave in forgiveness circles, Truth Talking and movie therapy.

I am qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition and can, if desired, help you with this too.

Personal Retreats

What Your One-To-One Personal Retreat Includes
And Examples Of How Your Retreat May Be Scheduled

As well as your one-to-one sessions with me (note: I only take one person at a time), you are welcome to join me on an early morning walk and attend a complimentary mini meditation session on one evening. Click here to see a typical schedule. In between sessions, there is time for you to reflect, walk, sleep, relax and enjoy the beautiful Isle of Portland. Do take a look at The Meadow Room too.

Retreat options/prices

Nights Sessions Cost
2 6* £695
2 8 £870
2 10 £1,050
3 8 £945
3 10 £1,120
3 12 £1,250
4 12 £1,320

* 2-nights with 6 sessions is only available for retreats starting on a Tuesday.


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Four days of ‘me’ time, and that is exactly who I discovered—me! I have cried and I have laughed out loud. Jennie joined up the dots to help me see the full picture. The picture was not what I expected to see – but Jennie helped me understand that, that too was OK. Denise Ryan, Essex

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