When people come on a retreat to The Jasmine House they are often weighed down with their troubles. My aim to help people relax, release and let go of their emotional baggage. When they do, they feel lighter, better and happier. These are some kind testimonials from just a few people who have taken a retreat at The Jasmine House. When you come to stay, you can read dozens more in the books I keep in The Meadow Room.

Dee, Hampshire

September 2020. My first guest since lockdown, shared her thoughts about taking a retreat during the pandemic.

Despite my fears of travelling to another town during these times, I found the Jasmine House to be so spacious, tidy and clean that I immediately felt at peace. Portland itself is such a peaceful, uncrowded place. On our early morning walks, we didn’t have to dodge passing people—that made it more enjoyable. So, as well as my healing, it was wonderful to get away from the hustle and bustle.

John & Jade, London

Thank you for your kindness and assistance over our weekend retreat. You were highly professional but also so warm and welcoming, and you managed a multitude of boundaries with an apparent ease. You navigated us through the ebbs and flows of the weekend, set us challenges and allowed us to confront parts of ourselves, our histories (shared and individuals) and our relationship, with depth, compassion and sensitivity. There are rare moments in one’s life when someone changes a whole trajectory and outlook on life. You are one of those people who have done that. We both deeply thank you and are profoundly grateful for the time we spent with you at your lovely home on Portland.


Heidi Guy, Herts

I first visited Jennie at Jasmine House whilst still dealing with an emotionally destructive relationship that had ended. I was struggling to come to terms with some of the issues and loss. Jennie’s empathic insights into my emotional state and no nonsense, light hearted approach to tapping helped me reach a calm state. I have been able to attract a better man into my life and feel safe to fall in love again. I have returned twice to The Jasmine House, with other people (male and female) and felt the growing benefit of deeper insight and more tapping. The Jasmine house is in a beautiful place. The calming environment in the Sky Room has lasting effect for me. Be open minded, give it a go….sure you’ll shed a tear or two but you’ll leave feeling closer to peace of heart and mind.


Mel Latham, Gloucestershire

Jennie has a gift for what she does. She can help you lift your head above the choppy emotional waters of life and see the sandy beach ahead, giving you confidence in yourself to grasp the life you want through being a reassuring, friendly and intuitive guidance counsellor. Her house is a restful, home from home retreat where you can quite literally allow yourself to fall apart while Jennie gently helps you put yourself back together – what was it they said about Humpty Dumpty? Obviously, all the Kings Men should have come to the Jasmine House!! I would highly recommend it. If you get as far as looking for someone like Jennie, then look no further!


Lynda, Bournemouth

Jennie, your depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and expertise always amaze me, but it is your honesty, faith and willingness to go with the person, your patience and your supportiveness that makes you special—and gets the results. Thank you for moving me along my journey to a new and more ‘at peace with myself’ place. Watch this space!


Sofia & Jerome Franc, London

I wanted to write to you to thank you for the weekend Jerome and I had with you. Both of us were extremely nervous, scared and unhappy and spending the time with you to start to see each other again has meant so very very much to us both.

Even if feeling quite exhausted from it, we have managed to remember your guidelines and rules and we have our first date tomorrow and have already had 1 positive life meeting.


Jane Gemmell, Leicestershire

You truly have a gift of helping those in need to open up to start the healing process. Thank you so much Jennie for helping me to acknowledge, recognise and respect my emotions so I can start to accept them. I know now that the grief can be released so I can make the steps forward. I am so grateful and feel very blessed to have received this healing.


Claire, Wales

I have been lost, sad, angry and not wanting to live my life this way! You have guided me to a brighter place within a few days in your kind and caring home—thank you! I now feel ready to find my life again and without your help, this journey would never have started. You have helped me understand a lot about my problems and given me a bright light to follow. I’m forever grateful.


Kevin, Hampshire

Thank you for such an incredible weekend, really a life changing experience for me, it feels that you have given me the foundations for a new life that I can build on to make a worthwhile, wholesome, happy life built around me and my children.


Denise Ryan, Essex

Four days of ‘me’ time and that is exactly who I discovered–me! I have cried and I have laughed out loud. Jennie joined up the dots to help me see the full picture. The picture was not what I expected to see – but Jennie helped me understand that, that too was OK.


Emma, Surrey

I came here with a totally different intention, but I truly believe this was meant to be—divine timing. I leave here feeling considerably lighter and ready to begin the next part of my journey. Thank you for guiding and supporting me to let go of so much pain from my past.


Kelly, Surrey

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your beautiful home. I leave with the knowledge and skills to no longer be afraid. I am worth it and I do believe in myself. Also, a special thank you for the lovely breakfasts and for your nutritional advice.


Surinder & Adam, Surrey

Thanks for all of your help and passion to make things clearer for us. We loved the calm energy that both you and your lovely house have. Fondest love.


Antoinette, Dorset

Thank you so much for your love, support, wisdom and encouragement. I know in my heart that this time was meant to be—just as it was—all of it a revelation at the only time and only place. I still have some work to do—but now with an ease that I didn’t have before.


Neville & Sally, Dorset

Thank you for your help, and your advice on how to move forward. We have done enough looking back—now it’s time to look forward to marriage part 2.

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