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    I see my retreats as healing journeys that are, metaphorically, like taking a journey along a stretch of your river. Along the way there are great depths to fathom, fast flowing shallows and occasionally rapids and whirl-pools. As an experienced ‘river guide’ who has travelled many rivers, I know where and when you need to slow down, go deep and where to avoid. My role is to guide you and ensure you have a safe passage along this stretch of your river.

    My intuition guides me as to what approach will work best you. If I sense stepping into the emotional realm using metaphor and perhaps even spiritual guidance, will help you the most—then your retreat will use methods. If though I sense a more business-like, practical approach will suit you more, then likewise I will choose more down-to-earth methods. I step easily between different methods: I tailor each retreat according to your needs.

    The main methods and techniques I use are:

    • Life Coaching – useful for practical, out-of-the-box problem solving.
    • EFT – often the fastest way to help let go of long-held emotions
    • Emotional Healing — releases emotional trauma held within the body
    • Truth Talking — frequently used for couples in distress
    • Forgiveness Circles – to forgive someone who is not present

    If you have any questions or wish to have a chat please call me in confidence on 01305 821799 or email me

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When is the best time to come on a retreat? The time of year is not so important as when you need to come

The Jasmine House is open all year round, closing only for a break over Christmas/New Year and for my holidays. You are welcome at anytime of the year. Please see my availability calendar.

In our new world of Coronavirus, feeling safe is vital. Please read Retreats during the pandemic to know see the precautions in place for your stay at The Jasmine House.

Summer and winter views from the Sky Room overlooking Chesil Beach. My favourite time of year is May as the island is covered with wild flowers. The summer is usually glorious, but in the winter, when a storm brews, the raw energy of the waves touch my soul. Come whenever is right for you—and it will be perfect for you.

What happens on a personal retreat

The benefits of coming on a retreat

One of the main benefits of coming on a retreat may sound insignificant: it’s being listened to—really listened to—as in our ultra busy lives, this rarely happens. When you are heard, with kindness and no judgement—this alone can begin to change how you feel what is going on for you.

Friends and family are usually there to listen to you when you need them, yet there may be blocks to doing this. There are all kinds of reasons why you may feel unable to speak your truth—anger, grief, embarrassment, anxiety—or even feeling concerned that they won’t understand or might reject you. I offer a safe, sacred space for you to share with me what’s going on and then I will help you find a way forward. You can rediscover the real you once more and know you are worthy of love, no matter what has happened to you.

As well as the Life Coaching, Emotional Healing and all of the other tools and methods I use to help people, another benefit is getting away from your everyday life. Away from your normal distractions, there is time to think, reflect and also to plan for a brighter future. I help my clients identify the next steps to take—and the key ones are written down so you have record of it all when you get home.

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Thank you so much for welcoming me into your beautiful home. I leave with the knowledge and skills to no longer be afraid. I am worth it and I do believe in myself. Also, a special thank you for the lovely breakfasts and for your nutritional advice. Kelly, Surrey

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